About Us

Power Corporation was founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1980. We offer complete sales and marketing support in three distinct NEMRA territories, including the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Our sales area extends over 700 miles from end to end, north to south, east to west. We offer overnight delivery to any point in the territory-a great advantage to customers and an important reflection of our commitment to service.

We have positioned our sales force and our facilities so that every major metropolitan market is efficiently covered. The corporate office with a large distribution warehouse is in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we also have a sales office located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Order entry and inventory control are performed by using Tradetech Solution's Total Order Entry system or by utilizing a manufacturer's web-based program. A toll-free 800 number is provided for customer convenience; facsimile equipment allows immediate and accurate communications with manufacturers. Staying on the cutting edge of computing technology allows us to handle our customer's needs quickly and efficiently. Cutting and paralleling equipment is provided to custom-cut wire and cable to specification.

In summary, POWER CORPORATION is a combination of qualities that involves professionalism, people, products and places. But there is more to us than just that. We have a personality that may be described as focused and intense. We have a spirit that can be characterized as relentless. Our company is over thirty years old and we are financially strong and stable.