Power Corp. West

Line Card - West Tennessee, Arkansas & Northern Mississippi

American Fittings


SPEC-grade Industrial Fittings. Made in the USA.


PVC Coated Conduit, Fittings & Accessories.


UL Listed Stainless Steel Conduit, Conduit Fittings & Accessories


Galvanized Rigid Conduit, Rigid & EMT Elbows, Nipples & Couplings.


Electrical Enclosures, Wireway and Trough for UL Types 1, 12, 13, 4, 4X and 3R Environments, Flange Mounted Disconnect Enclosures, Oil Tight Enclosures for UL Type 4, 12 and 13, Pushbuttons Enclosures, Wireway and Trough Products, Custom Stainless and Aluminum.



Chalfant manufactures Ladder and Trough Cable Tray systems to include accessories, and wall, ceiling, and floor mounting systems. Chalfant also has a self-connecting Wire Mesh Cable System which has become the industry favored means of wire management. With industry leading avancements like our time saving Tab System and self-connecting wire mesh cable tray, Chalfant is always on the cutting edge, making cable management more efficient.


Fasteners, Anchors, Staples, Fittings, Chemicals, Rope, Tape, Hand Tools, Power Tool Accessories, Gloves, Hydraulic Punch Kits & Safety Products.



Full Line of Electric Submetering Products for Commercial, Industrial, Government, Educational and Multi-Family Applications. Products include E-Mon D-Mon submeters, AMR Software, Web-Enabled Energy Monitoring and Third Party Submeters for Gas, Electric, Water, Steam, BTU, etc. The Industry Leader in Submetering for 30 Years.


Encore Wire


One-stop manufacturer for all of your residential, commercial and industrial wire needs. Complete line of copper and aluminum building wire including THHN/THWN-2, XHHW-2, USE-2 in all colors and sizes, bare copper, aluminum, MC cable, tray cable, NM-B, UF-B, MTW, and flexible conduit. Premier labor-saving solutions, full-service cutting and paralleling, and industry-leading delivery times. Made in America.


Metal Framing Channel, channel fittings and accessories


Galvan Industries - Copper Clad, Hot Dip Galvanized, Stainless Steel Ground Rods, Sectional Ground Rods, Threaded and Threadless Couplings with Drive Studs, Clamps, Connectors, Split Bolts, Tools and Accessories.


PVC Conduit & Fittings, Non Metallic Floor Box's, Kwikon® ENT & Fittings-Power & Communication Duct, Non-Metallic Light Fixtures.


PVC couplings, adapters, elbows, conduit bodies, pipe straps, reducer bushings, ENT, weatherproof covers, F type boxes, junction boxes, expansion joints, vertical-lok spacers.



Firestopping Products Including Intumescent Sealants, Compound, Putty & Putty Pads, Bags & Pillows, Mortar Seal, Wrap Strips, Sleeves and Pass-Thru Devices-Low VOC Cements, Cleaners and Primers for PVC, ABS and CPVC - Wire Snagger Wire Pulling Tool for 3/0 through 750 MCM THHN and XHHW Copper and Aluminum and 5 KV StrongArm 4,000 LB Wire Pulling Tool, Upper Cut Cable Cutting Tools, K.O. Drill Activated Knockout Tool and Roundhouse Fully Articulating Punch Tool Kits.


Category, Coax, Fire Alarm, Security & Fiberoptic Cables. Portable Cord.


Aluminum Conduit and Fittings


Safety Coated Lamps, LEDs, and Fixtures for the food processing industry as well as Industrial Grade Fixtures suitable for hazardous locations and harsh, corrosive environments.

TF Kable

Complete line of SOOW, SJOOW, Type W, Type GGC, Welding Cable and DLO.


Fiberglass Pipe, Conduit & Bridge Drainage Systems


Extension Cords, Temp and Work Lights, Cord Sets, Surge and Power Strips, Cord Reels