Power Corp. South

Line Card - Louisiana & Southern Mississippi

American Fittings

SPEC-grade Industrial Fittings. Made in the USA.


Electrical Enclosures, Wireway and Trough for UL Types 1, 12, 13, 4, 4X and 3R Environments, Flange Mounted Disconnect Enclosures, Oil Tight Enclosures for UL Type 4, 12 and 13, Pushbuttons Enclosures, Wireway and Trough Products, Custom Stainless and Aluminum.


LED Indoor and Outdoor Fixtures, LED Lamps, LED Linear Lamps

Encore Wire

One-stop manufacturer for all of your residential, commercial and industrial wire needs. Complete line of copper and aluminum building wire including THHN/THWN-2, XHHW-2, USE-2 in all colors and sizes, bare copper, aluminum, MC cable, tray cable, NM-B, UF-B, MTW, and flexible conduit. Premier labor-saving solutions, full-service cutting and paralleling, and industry-leading delivery times. Made in America.


Wire Termination, Tools & Supplies, Wire Strippers, Test & Measurement, Datacom / Networks. (Northern LA Only)


PVC Conduit & Fittings, Non Metallic Floor Box's, Kwikon® ENT & Fittings-Power & Communication Duct, Non-Metallic Light Fixtures.


Total System for Pulling and Feeding Wire.


Electrical Fasteners, Staples & Straps for Construction. Piano Steel Wire, Staple Wire, Ratchet Tie Down Strap, Metal Straps, Leather Straps, Fiber Straps, Plastic Straps, Rubber Straps, Mechanical Wire, Security Wire, Rope and Chain and Cable and Wire and Strap, Ropes and Chains.


A Complete Line of PVC Conduit & Elbows in SCH 40, SCH 80 and Direct Burial and Telecommunication Duct.


Category, Coax, Fire Alarm, Security & Fiberoptic Cables. Portable Cord.


Safety Coated Lamps, LEDs, and Fixtures for the food processing industry as well as Industrial Grade Fixtures suitable for hazardous locations and harsh, corrosive environments.


LA Only - LED, Fluorescent, Compact, Halogen, and Incandescent Lamps, as well as Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs. Electrical line of Steel Boxes and Covers as well as a complete line of Fittings and Supplies such as: EMT and Steel Fittings, Liquidtight, BX-MC, NM, and Watertight Connectors as well as many other electrical fittings and supplies.


Fiberglass Pipe, Conduit & Bridge Drainage Systems


Extension Cords, Temp and Work Lights, Cord Sets, Surge and Power Strips, Cord Reels

Western Tube

Electrical Conduit and EMT and Rigid, IMC, and Aluminum Conduit